Staff can explain court rules and procedures. Staff cannot suggest which of several available procedures a litigant should follow.
Staff can provide information about past rulings in a case. Staff cannot predict what the court will do.
Staff can provide cites to (or copies of) statutes, court rules, and ordinances. Staff cannot provide an analysis or interpretation of statutes or ordinances based on the specific facts of a litigant's case.
Staff can explain what records are kept by the court and can be made available to the public. Staff can provide public case information. Staff cannot provide confidential case information.
Staff can explain how and where to file a complaint concerning a judge, court employee or private attorney. Staff cannot provide opinions about the conduct of a judge, court employee or private attorney.
Staff can provide general referrals to other offices or persons. Staff cannot provide referrals to other offices or persons based upon personal preferences.
Staff can provide forms and instructions, and record on the forms information provided by the litigants. Staff cannot provide or suggest the information that should be entered on the forms.